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Healing Heat Stella Hayne

Healing Heat

Stella Hayne

Kindle Edition
35 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Emily Swanson has been married for 3 years and is still childless. If that wasnt enough for the local ladies to gossip about, her husband seemingly couldnt be any less interested in her body. They keep advising Emily to pay more attention to her dresses or how she does her hair, but Emily would rather read and take walks than deal with such frivolity.After shes diagnosed with hysteria, doctors prescribe a series of massages and pelvic treatments. They help, but do nothing to cure her woes, until a chance meeting with a beautiful doctor one afternoon makes these treatments much more bearable and almost pleasurable.EXCERPT:John reached up to Emily’s exposed corset. He reached his arms around her and began to untie the lacings. Emily closed her eyes and breathed his smell in deeply, and deeper with each loosening of the lacings that held her in tightly. The sheer manliness he embodied made her quiver. She sighed as he pulled the corset off of her and her breasts were freed beneath her dressing gown. The open neck of the chemise revealed the tops of Emily’s full bosom. John moved his hands up to the neckline, and gently adjusted for her modesty.Part of Emily was thankful for the doctor’s kindness. But, a small, persistent desire from within wished he had moved to expose her breasts and take them into his pink lips. She longed to feel the scratch of his beard on her most tender parts.The doctor shimmied down the bed and reached up under Emily’s skirt to get to her drawers. Emily’s drawers were of the day’s fashion, leaving her exposed to do her business when needed. She didn’t understand why the doctor must take the undergarment off of her. But, the feeling of the roughness of his hands on her outer thighs made her hips thrust herself up towards him.“I feel that you will be more comfortable, and more responsive to the procedure without these on,” John said to Emily as he pulled her drawers off slowly.Emily’s breath hitched as John’s hands grazed her buttocks and thighs. She licked her lips as he bent her knees and pulled the skirt of her chemise to her waist. She sat, exposed, waiting for his next move.“How long does it usually take for your procedures?” John asked as he massaged Emily’s thighs.“Sometimes the course of hours,” Emily replied, her voice jagged.“And, how many procedures do you have until you feel their effects?” he asked. Emily thought over the question for the moment. Finally she admitted to herself and the doctor what she had feared for some time.“I don’t know if I have felt the procedure’s benefits at all,” she said. “Of course, I feel relief soon after a procedure. But, soon after I am in want of another procedure.”“That is what I hoped to hear,” John said with a smile. “I am, with your permission, going to propose we do away with propriety.”Emily nodded her head forcefully.“I feel that my work will cure you of your hysteria,” John said as his fingers moved closer towards the aching in Emily’s womanhood.“Yes, please,” Emily whispered. “Please.”WARNING: This 4100+ word historical erotic short story contains graphic sex between a young married lady and her doctor in 19th century England.