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Son of Durango Laurance L. Priddy

Son of Durango

Laurance L. Priddy

Published May 1st 1996
ISBN : 9780865342422
176 pages
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 About the Book 

Driven by poverty and pride, Jesus Camacho leaves his family on their small farm in the Mexican State of Durango and follows his younger brother, Miguel, to work illegally in Texas. Brashly sure of success and encouraged by the Virgin of Guadalupes appearance to him in a vision, he soon confronts formidable problems. Miguel has disappeared, and Jesus must struggle with the greed and hostility of both Texans and other Mexicans. Driven by a growing love for Maggie Hinojosa, his leadmans daughter, he saves money to marry her instead of sending it home. Constantly threatned with deportation and torn by conflict, will Jesus have the strenght and good luck he needs to find Miguel and support his family while making a new life in an alien land?