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To Live within: Teachings of a Baul Sri Anirvan

To Live within: Teachings of a Baul

Sri Anirvan

271 pages
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 About the Book 

Originally published in France in 1969 and in America in 1972 and again in 1995, To Live Within is a thoughtful, beautifully written record of Lizelle Reymond’s five years spent in a hermitage in Northern India. Reymond studied with guide and mentor Shri Anirvan, a master of the ancient Samkhya tradition. As presented to Reymond, Samkhya is a source teaching previously unknown in the West and universally relevant regardless of one’s tradition or cultural background. Anirvan’s teachings of this discipline centered on the concentrated purity of silence that nourishes the Self, allowing his pupil to achieve an unfettered understanding of her life and achieve an inner awakening. In five parts, the book covers Reymond’s life in the Himalayan hermitage- lessons for a spiritual life- facing reality- rambling thoughts- and mystic poetry of the Bauls. This new edition contains two additional chapters drawn from Reymonds lifelong correspondence with Shri Anirvan after the retreat.