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James J. Valko

Enter the sum

 About the Book 

This book was a good thriller and even plausible storytelling if you go with the premise. (It is sci-fi after all.) However, I found some of the plot implausible even given the premise. People just dont respond the way these characters act at times. Plus, despite the plot being interesting (I finished the book), it was hard for me to come to truly care about these people. Even the romance/sex between the male and female leads was uninteresting. Curiously, the one person I liked the best was the brother of the protagonist, Peter, and we scarcely saw him. Then again, maybe thats why I liked him best. The scientific-philosophical-spiritual dimension of the book was intriguing, but was left much too unexplored. Valko should take lesson from writers like Greg Bear who, having introduced a world changing concept follow it out to really let it change the world. That said, it was a decent read, and others might not have my qualms about it.On a different note, no book search has found this novel - GoodReads, GetGlue, etc. I got it via Kindle and it may be it is only available as e-book. Fireside Publications has other titles in its list, but Ive never heard of them.